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Lady Scandalous
It's so cold here. I realise that it's probably cold everywhere but it seems particularly cold today, right here, in my Ugg boots. Seems like a good reason to indulge in some pretty things to cheer us all up and remind ourselves that not everything is as grey as the sky. :)

Interior Design & Colour Prettiness....Collapse )

aaaaaaaand if that fails to impress then surely Captain Jack Harkness and his (too sexy for his) coat will do the job. I've uploaded a recent Torchwood audio episode called Lost Souls, and the Torchwood soundtrack, which is all kinds of good.


Torchwood goodies for elegaer and anyone else who wants them...Collapse )

In the spirit of Halloween (did you see what I did then? Eh? Eh? Heeee...) I thought I'd make a little Halloween post about some of my favourite films which I like to watch at this time of year. I'm currently re-reading the ghost stories of M.R. James and just love A Warning to the Curious and Lost Hearts. The BBC did some excellent adaptation of these stories in the 70s and they're incredibly creepy. If you like Ghost Stories, I implore you to watch these films, they're not too long and in many ways, I think they improve upon the original story.

Lost Hearts (part 1/5)  - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1IM0y3PrhBI
A Warning to the Curious (part 1/5) -  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VFKt5TxTTg4

Also worth watching is another M.R. James, Whistle and I'll come to you, my lad (who would have thought a bed sheet was so scary?) and The Signal-Man, based on the story by Charles Dickens.

Now, here is a bit of a confessional; I'm a huge fan of 70s Horror films. My youth was spent watching films from Hammer, Amicus and the like, on a tiny b&w TV in my bedroom. I like scary mixed with an element of the stupid, the tacky, bad acting, tomato soup blood, and an incredibly small budget. Here is my top 3 list of camp cult horror films, complete with youtube links:

Are you sitting comfortably?Collapse )
And people wonder what happened to the British Film Industry?



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Lady Scandalous
01 April 2007 @ 19:17

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